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capability vrf-lite
Он же "vpn-instance-capability simple" на Huawei.

Хорошие объяснения, в каких случаях оно нужно.

The DN bit is a check that, usually, PE routers use to check whether to install certain types of LSAs into a VRF and is used as a loop prevention method. If your CE router is not running VRFs but using OSPF to connect to the PE router then you do not need that command anywhere. If however you configure VRFs on your CE router then it now uses the same checks as the PE routers because it believes it is directly connected to the MPLS network in the way the PE is, even though it isn't. And then you would need to use that command on your CE router. So, put simply, you only need to use that command if your CE router is using VRF-Lite and OSPF is in use between the CE and PE routers.

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